Fur Pets We Care, Inc
Coal Valley, Illinois
Providing in-your-home pet sitting
Pet Sitter area includes Coal Valley, Colona, East Moline,
Milan, Rock Island, Silvis and nearby surrounding areas.
Phone: (309) 230-2417

Fur Pets We Care, Inc provides personalized "in-your-home" pet
care for your extra special pets at those times when you can not
be there.

Fur Pets We Care, Inc serves Coal Valley, East Moline, Milan,
Moline, Rock Island, and Silvis.

Fur Pets We Care, Inc offers 20 and/or 30 minute visits.  
Overnight visits are also available.

Benefits for your pet:
  • reduced stress,
  • follows normal diet and exercise routine,
  • not traumatized by travel and unfamiliar environment,
  • not exposed to illness of other animals.

Benefits for pet owner:
  • not inconvenienced or upset by transporting pet,
  • don't have to impose on a friend, neighbor, or family,
  • your home continues to look lived in,
  • be confident your pet is in capable and caring hands,
  • additional services such as bringing in mail and newspaper,
  • watering plants.

Twenty minute visits include:
  • Love, hugs, attention, exercise,
  • Clean water and fresh food,
  • Bathroom breaks,
  • Administration of medications,
  • Inspecting overall health of pet,
  • Leave or email a daily log,
  • Release and reset security alarms,
  • Confidentially for you and your home.

Thirty minute visits also include:
  • Brush and tidy up pets,
  • Clean up pet area,
  • Turnon/off TV/radio,
  • Retrieve mail and/or newspaper,
  • Turn on/off lights, open/close blinds and/or curtains,
  • Water indoor plants,
  • Put out and return trash and recycling,
  • Check doors and windows for safety and security.

Ten minutes visits are available only for dogs and are only used as
potty breaks.  The pet will be let out, let back inside.